As many love to be outdoors, this is where I spend all my time when thinking of what is inspired by God. So many broadcasts on television of the Gospel. As I watch very little television. Means just a much to myself with the faith to envision as the birds fly the Father is televising his spiritual signals wherever direction they may go. Adding the spirit of the prayer transmitted to every living creature as the birds soar above. Relaying to all nature, wildlife and people. Thus the power of prayer is greater in my belief.

What may be considered odd by some people what is within my heart is my home church, always learning and growing with the words and teachings of what I see, read and experience. Whether a person standing on a pulpit or simply by someone presenting themselves as kindred spirits in Christ. Each of us are one of many which may face a problem or situation where we know for this is life. The bedridden, facing addiction, or many tribulations in life. Every morning my thoughts are of yesterday and the many before. I say this small prayer or shall say good morning. And heart going out to any facing any situation life may hand us.

In the name of the FatherCROSSFRAME
In the name of the Son

Lets us pray for Everyone

In the name of Jesus
In the name of Love

With our faith our prayers sung
With our heart ask God’s will be done

Praying it forward message spread across flight
Holy Spirit passes across the skies within sight

In the name of the Father
In the name of the Son
With us each are in need I myself one

ANGEL WINGSEvery morning, the first bird I see I call Matthew, the second is Mark, next Luke and John.

Praying it forward on wings and a prayer.

Take note, there will be some contradiction of what I write as at times sounding as true Christian and other times not. Only relating knowledge of God comes in many forms. Which are my opinions and beliefs. All of these posts are mine, except noted from other sources. Copyrighted by The Man Upstairs. As so I believe.


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