One Guy Didn’t

Three guys were tried for crimes against humanity.
Two guys committed crimes.

Three guys were whipped and beaten.
Two guys had it coming.

Three guys were mocked and spit at along the way.
Two guys cursed and spit back.

Three guys talked while they were hung on their crosses.
Two guys argued.

Three guys knew death was coming.
Two guys resisted.

Three guys were given government trials.
Two guys had fair trials.

Three guys were given crosses to carry.
Two guys earned their crosses.

Three guys agonized over their abandonment.
Two guys had reason to be abandoned.

Three guys were nailed to crosses.
Two guys deserved it.

Three guys died on three crosses.

Three days later.
Two guys remained in their graves.
One guy didn’t.


This was emailed to me. Wish knew who to give proper credit for has written it. Absolutely powerful message. This is not of my own, surely touches my heart so here it is posted.


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