A Passing

I often wonder what tomorrow will bring
Will it be a better day for you and me
Messages of hope the children sing
I trust we shall meet our destiny

Words of hope for a bright, new day
Where once lost, now are found
Smiles and kind words to say
Within our heartfelt joyous sounds

When we get together, help those in need
Our world shall become as one
Guided by love, most gracious deed
Prayers and work, our love will overcome

Blessed are the people who care
Future truly will be bright
Satisfaction given from those who share
Brighter day driven from darkness of night

None shall have a life in grief
For all will have life everlasting
With the pure heart, brought relief
The time of sorrows passing

Each of us tend to forget, that some place, at any point in time we see a passing of what never should be.


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