Daily Bread

Give us The Day



At times we feel so led
Occasionally it is best let things unsaid
To remember there are a time and place
He will relay a message by his grace
To a one their own daily bread


Saying follow you heart and the path you takeJesus holds
God is with you whether good or mistake
With each new dawn, He will guide the way
For all to believe never be led astray
A purpose though every obstacle we undertake




As it is written a closer walk with thee
His arm around you, whatever you feel or see
He gives us food for the soul to fill a need
For the word at that the time is to feed
For to follow is for a Christian to be

Personally speaking going with the flow with each thought or emotion and believe how I will react is the way meant to be. For a arm around you can also turn you in another direction. Leading to a feast. I also add on every post the words or frame of mind can be totally expressed in another way. Secular or whatever, the main thoughts are follow your beliefs in any way, shape or form. A message interpreted lies within self.


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