As A Child

As a Child Of God where we are all the same. All as one.


This is taken from the Arab American National Museum, the reason in the spirit of diversity and finding not by a fine tuned search. But as I always feel while looking to build on an idea on a post I will stop when a feeling strikes me to. With over the internet the countless sites ranging from misinformation and more of what many do not see or take into consideration. These days the words back and forth of what is truly from God or how we have twisted writings from many sources for their own purposes or our own purposes. Also the whole complexity of the times we live in.

I write all this as no expert on any one religion. Only as a humble servant of the many teachings of God. Where every minute by my own faith to better know one another. To look at the many perspectives and insight given by the Almighty. It gives us a direction to stand proud on common ground. For we are of one world, and one people with the gift of Life by The One who created all within the Heavens and Earth.

Inspired to write this as who I am a simple man with what is taught, led to, and what my heart feeling the need to say. Each of us has many thoughts and beliefs. We are to be as one family doing our best to know one another. Learn many of teachings which come from a multitude of resources God has given us to understand. So many sources, and many knowledgeable people who are just the many given their heart and soul to have a closer relationship to the one most high. As with the way of the world and as the imperfections of we as Human Beings. Having blinders on is part of the problem. Another part is again the many generations of bigotry, envy, and every other description which leads to the great contradiction we see today.

Each day when I wake I think of right now
Know the people, the world to He we bow
We must remember we are of many colors as a people
As meant to be by his design to lead life peaceful
Sadly world in division, let the pure heart disavow

This is one page I felt to really take from and put my brand of writing to it. I do not attempt to write as to be a messenger or someone of great wisdom or to convince of any feelings in my heart directed as to follow as any special revelations. It is only to write As So Led of World Words. And more believing from what I see again to many there is one view of any religion and citizens of the world in which we all live.WORLD WORDS

Three Faiths with One God

Judaism, the oldest of the monotheistic religions, is 3500 years old. Jews believe that God made a promise (called the first covenant) to Abraham that he would be the father of a great people if he followed God’s instructions. Jews believe that God renewed the covenant (the second covenant) with Moses, who led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt. God also revealed the Ten Commandments to the Jews as a set of rules to follow.
The Jewish holy book is the Torah, which provides the first five books for the Bible. Jews also study the Talmud, the most significant collection of Jewish interpretations of the Torah. In the Arab World, there have been large populations of Arab Jews in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, and Morocco. After the creation of Israel in 1948, many Arab Jews settled there, along with other Jews from around the world. Today, the majority of Jews worldwide live in Israel and the United States.

מטרת אלוהים עבורנו, כדי לגדול לתוך מה נבראנו כדי להיות.

Christianity is nearly 2,000 years old, beginning around 30 CE with the death of Jesus Christ. There is a strong Christian tradition in many parts of the Arab World. Some Arab Christians are the descendants of the very first Christians, and the world’s oldest churches are found in the Arab World. Some church services in the Arab World are still delivered in Aramaic, the language spoken by Christ.

Most Christians in the Arab World belong to the Eastern Rite churches, which are indigenous to the Arab World. These include – the Catholic Antiochian Orthdox (Greek Orthodox), the Catholic Maronite and Melkite churches, Syrian Orthodox churches, and the Egyptian Coptic Church. Most Iraqi Christians belong to the Catholic Chaldean Church. A smaller number of Arab Christians are Protestants converted by 19th century missionaries in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon. Today, significant populations of Arab Christians also live in Iraq and Egypt.

As spoken before dialects are key
Impressions and interpretations come many
For as the multitude of life in all creation
His true glory can not be seen by one generation
Nor by one view, only pure heart to be with him eternally

Islam is almost 1,300 years old and recognizes Moses, Jesus, and many others as prophets. The Prophet Muhammad (570-632 CE) was born in Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia, and is considered the last of the prophets. Muslims believe that Islam began in 610 CE when Muhammad started receiving revelations from God, or Allah in Arabic. These revelations are recorded in the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam.

There are two main branches in Islam: Sunni and Shi’a. A split occurred shortly after the death of Muhammad over the question of who was to lead the Muslims. The Shi’a believed that Muhammad pre-selected Imam Ali, his cousin and son-in-law. The Sunnis believed that the leader should be chosen through consultation and election. Today about 85-90% of the Muslim population worldwide are Sunni. In the Arab World most of the Shi’a live in Lebanon and Iraq. A small minority of Muslims are Druze, a branch of Islam found mostly in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

حكمه الله واحد إظهار العديد من تعاليم ورسائل تأتي من كل ما تراه. ممارسة للعيش بسلام بين جميع الأخوة والأخوات إلى الأبد.

In conclusion let us break it down to the foundation of all we believe. Again as I said before the number three is of a very special significance. Will conclude with this webpage and we must agree there is more in common than many will not want to admit. I know of very smart people who will tell one particular is only for conquest and many more. I will step on many toes here. There is truth spoken on the negative on all sides. We are cafeteria souls who have been taking in what sounds or tastes good to themselves or someone who will either warp a truth then so well spread it to others to digest. There will always be those fooled and become followers of someone or ideology. I say this not as a listen well to my words, but to know it is easier to deceive or be deceived than believe. Let us look at this comparison again from the website Arab American National Museum.

There are many commonalities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Have not touched on Eastern Philosophy and Philosophy of Life. As one who wishes to think I am as smart as I think I am. But not as smart as I believe I am. Only going on with the thoughts spoken with whatever words I come up with. With the time I have left on this world only learning to the best of my ability in my own sweet time. Knowing very well showing that I am not an academic, but do not care. For I write for what I think, therefore doing something to broaden either my understanding or proving not worthy of reading. And one last thing I welcome anyone who would give another bit of understanding by either their work or others. Go ahead and put up a link. With all my follows I do go through all that tells me to read and ponder a little closer.

Any views expressed in this post do not necessarily represent those of the Arab American Institute Museum and Library Services.


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