Secular Body

And Soul Vernacular


Whether the words were impressed on my heart to write this or a idea bouncing around in my head for a good while. I will follow true to form. Just one person among many with my own faults and to some annoyances. While growing up dazed and confused by both by what does make sense when it comes to being a regular person and then those saying the old fire and brimstone gospel.

Growing older and gaining perspectives and always understood two sides to every story, or viewpoints, or opinions, or just both mainly a bunch of believing without really looking deeper than just take one nugget and hold to it for dear life. We are not perfect as human beings and while some thinking whether saying there must be a Creator. And those who think or believe and/or behave differently must be deceived by well, no need to say more.

Life is complex and do not claim to know all or even fool myself into thinking so. However as each and every one of us while growing up we come to understand little pieces of the puzzle of insight, of who we are and aware of how life has nurtured us. I stress that everyone is connected to rise above the times we live in. For long in the future past we will call this the Age of The Individual Trinity. By our physical and technological advances we will become, what cannot be expressed in only my words. As the dreams of many, never outweigh the drive to become anew or the imagination of one surpasses reality of what may come true. For the one will always a part of the many. Many is not the proper expression, a better choice is Life Universal. And this are we.

The great mysteries which we either try to figure out scientifically or spiritually. Also the blending of the two. As I have written with all sincerity as being a born again Christian(this too is one of those concepts hard to fully understand by most.) The reason I say this not as someone who knows it all. It is something I can not fully express in this post, and will leave to another post. This does not leave out the fact within us all there is the secular, agnostic, and many more references to a description of personality of being Human. As the great “I Am”

I have, I know, and I believe. There it is. Body, Mind and Soul. The understanding thought of I have/Body, I know/self aware, and I Believe/soul. This is us as the individual trinity.

Hmm, somewhere down the line a phrase was said “The Minds Eye sees beauty in great and small. The heart and soul captures the wonder of it all.” 

There are always more to the story by searching with the curious mind. And this is good, for a question of one self in relation to the other. Whether said as a Child Of God or We are made of every element since the beginning of life and death of stars, and galaxies in also saying we are Star Children of all that is now within us.

Now to one point of this post. What is the difference between a secular and non secular?

A secular society is one that separates the religious from the civic. Two distinct forms of secular societies are in the USA and France both of which are also republics. In the USA secularism takes the form “separation of church and state” in France it takes the form of “laicite” or basically “separation of the church from the citizen, by the state” (note citizen not person, in France religion is seen to be a private matter with appropriate places and times for worship, it is not acceptable to bring religion into the public sphere. For more on this, research the veil controversy in France.) A non-secular society is one where religion is experienced in many everyday events of civic life, and where it is part of the government. Examples would include theocracies like the ancient state of Israel where the High Priest was also a leader of the state. Or the modern state The Vatican ruled by the papacy.

This last paragraph and next one I have taken WikiAnswers® Categories Religion & Spirituality Secularism. I thank the authors and contributions for using this little bit of food for thought.

Questions and answers, There are many other sources and other interpretations of what really is the same truth, or who knows what may be a perceived truth. But decided to go with this. And questions on a whole variety of topics.

The actual difference between “secular” and “non-secular” needn’t have anything to do with society in order to be understood. The word “secular” generally refers to non-religious things. Period. The word “non-secular” generally refers to religious things. Period. A non-secular wedding, for example, is religious; and is usually (but not necessarily always) held in a church or synagogue with a priest, pastor or rabbi as the officiant. Non-secular weddings are always somehow religious. A secular wedding ceremony — also called a “civil” wedding ceremony — is non-religious; and is, likely as not, going to take place at something like the local city or county hall, presided over by a sworn city/county wedding commissioner, or judge, or someone like that. Secular (non-religious) weddings can happen most anywhere (other than maybe in a church (non-religious) weddings can happen most anywhere (other than maybe in a church or synagogue… though there’d certainly be no legal or cultural prohibition thereof). The word “secular” generally refers to non-religious things (whether or not they have anything to do with society). If something is “secular” or “civil,” then it’s non-religious. The word “non-secular” generally refers to religious things (whether or not they have anything to do with society). If something is “non-secular,” then it’s somehow religious.

To carry on with my train of thought is if examined closer than a description or definition of an ideology whether what is being Human the true fact it can not be denied whether aware within is both secular humanism and spiritual guidance. Practiced or not. For this is what makes us who we are no matter what ideology, belief system and all philosophy be it Eastern or Western. From those before us with their own wisdom and observations is our youth maturing by the I am self aware of ourselves and the world around us. It is with all my love, it is my belief that within each of us. There is the body, mind and soul to the evolution or becoming of who we are as ?.

The word evolution evokes certain thoughts, the main idea is we have yet to become all we are to be as a species. If we chose to say by the hand of God with the promise of Glorified bodies or and other concepts I will not put here. It is within each and every person there is power to learn, grow and surpass any feeling of love and wisdom no one person can have. As any one person never met, any place on earth that soul is part of us all. Our lives depend on one, as without another we cannot prosper, growing with love of all we know or will ever know. Who is that one? Yourself, myself and ourselves. End result we are family and greater than present comprehension forever shall be.


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