Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward


While driving from location A to location B today. A thought passed through some brain cells of mine. When mostly they are reluctant to do so. We know of the idea of paying it forward. Which reached so many others by the movie of the same.

To be honest I never heard of the phrase before hand. Yet over many years of my life encountered situations when assistance in some manner needed. A helpful hand coming along. Or I myself doing a good deed for another.

However these days we wander through our lives to be present and accounted for and hope nothing difficult to come our way. Or put not in the best of terms, don’t bother me and I will do the same. At times when I’ve helped someone and they ask how can I repay you. Or someone has helped me I might say the same. Pay it Forward.


Pray It Forward

This is easy to relate how I see it with my thought for the day. Many of us Christians knowing of someone who may need of prayer. Whether someone in a hospital or going through difficult times.

One or two of us asking the Holy Spirit to Pay it Forward with other believing hearts. However one may feel, even with no belief in prayer or religion the whole idea is love makes the world go round.

I am writing this today because of the many events going on. There are many of us with a good heart. We need many more of ourselves to Pray it Forward. To anyone who may need a helping hand. After all in a math sense we are adding many more acts of kindness.



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