Subliminal Key-Phrases


Here I go and make some wonder if I fell off the deep end. Not the first time I am sure. In the beginning I did not know what to write about and even apprehensive of anything I did try to relate.

I am aware many are gifted wordsmiths which I do not claim to be one. I am only sitting at a keyboard relating as when thoughts become words which may or may not become something of merit.

In saying so I am reminded of someone I knew long ago who I will say planted some questions to ponder and over the years wonder if the true connection between words and comprehension is truly understood. How I wish earlier in life had the opportunities most have had or failed to set goals to become at most making use of what I can do to the best of my ability. Just as others for what purpose one either chooses or end up being a life choice felt led to become. And even can say the not quite accurate term of a victim of life circumstances. Ending up with disappointment of what expected. Or what cards life has dealt us.

As it was written from those long ago to today the connection between comprehension and relationship with the inner person within us all. I can only say for myself single keywords and phrases stick with me. Perhaps more or perhaps less with us all. Allow me to say the number three, well it is more or better put three is not a number to the conscious and unconscious mind. This is how I go along with putting my thoughts, ideas, and concepts down in what I write.rebirth

The idea of this post whether taken as hard to follow or plain ramblings of one person among many. For each of us has the same base of one and personalities and character as people.

Back to the title of this post. There are many instances in my opinion of phrases and events where we use subliminal phrases. Knowing or unknowingly. We all do. By meaning the whole taking in of the sights and sounds of the moment along with a message or topic of interest unaware by words or past and recent events taken. I suppose the better way to put it is how the brain processes the current place and time. With connections of our past experiences.

Being not an academic, those who are overlook what I am saying and decide for yourself what I relate with each and every post I have made. I have not studied on any one area, just putting into my own words what I think. Positive out there or some time in the past the same understanding is represented. Perhaps not.

We can think of all this like instead of word association but cognitive association as with it is in my train of thought. As with these two images I created, or say think it, do it. I easily can go into a religious message but here the point is not the idea religious which some do not or some truly associate with their idea of God. In using these Acrostic images I can easily go into mini-sermon if one could call it or a philosophical post.

What I will say is take the letters of each word and what it spells and what means to me or anyone else. With every breath we are living the words. For whether aware or not over the centuries ingrained into our very being the many understandings we conclude. With ending this post and bring it down to these words and at least to myself sum it up this way. Which goes with who we are as an individual. Is it a true moral frame of reference? Of the individual? As in the mind of the idea of right and wrong. With this keyphrase of the two images.

“They are one and the same”


The root of what I am saying is in many cases a phrase the mind brings into a single thought or word. Easiest example is “In the Beginning” equals start and other variations more difficult of the grouping of words to express a idea into a single thought.


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