Came To Me

Turned The Page



Here I am
On the cross again
Forever I am
Everyday for the saved
Wherever you go
Displaying the greatest love I am
Come to me turn the page



Images, and words paints such a picture in the mind and heart. One version can speak as each day is yet another page of our life. Another way to be taken is as believing with the heart and soul teachings from the Holy Book. Yet I will throw a curve ball and carry on with the view what I believe in Dialects of many thoughts. We each are our own individuals. As given from the Minds Eye as led to say. As always leave everything to their own interpretations of what I write. For I claim nothing as believing, well wish I was smart as I think I am. Images and words from many trains of thought such as knowing with faith in yourself tomorrow is a new beginning to find your way, what you believe is truth and what is life? The meaning of Life? The question of life after Life. With the many concepts we ponder.

How about reverse polarity



Here I am
Not to be told again
There I am
Confident in my ways
There I go
My own life I will plan
I am the one who turns the page


Stated before, many trains of thought



Here I am
Inner self states again
There I am
One on the cosmic stage
There I go
Seeking wisdom in spiritual way
Consciousness may fill in the page

Why not one more


Here I am
Theorize, experimental research again
There I am
Reporting findings possibly praised
There I go
Write the book, and buy today
Find academic on every page


 A special shoutout to Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band for great memories and the party hearty days of my life. And hope taken in stride. In conclusion, once again I suppose everything on this page relative Of Body, Mind and Soul.


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