To The


Third Power


The visualization from teachings and conceptions pasttrinity
Taken many ways, not the big picture is cast
In the minds eye, from the inner soul
However felt, even the skeptic already know
Hard to digest concept of Trinity, questions asked

How can there be three in one? Think of how our perspectives are formed or cultivated over the years. As mentioned before we have many senses than just sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. Many examples, sense of humor, pride, responsibility and so on. They are the senses of the conscious mind and heart. Looking further and learning knowledge over time. In one sense we can say Father is nature, physics, and time. The Son/honesty enlightens or shines light over what we see and learn. To be honest with oneself and look into the mirror of truth. With us is our conscience telling of right and wrong. To grow we study from those before, the wisdom to seek some would say a holy life.  Always striving to learn to be a better person. When we think about it in one manner of speak we can say. That is the way, by facing the truth, and living a better life. Can we say of ourselves we are three to the third power. For we can say, “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”. Secondly “Body, Mind and Soul”. To the third  “Me, Myself and I” Together adding up to One. I am one Child of God, any other person is another one Child of God. Thank goodness for the be fruitful and multiply for if not many of us would be not reading and writing.

Jesus did die on the addition symbol oh excuse me the cross to further down the line. To sacrifice in the name of love to give even more enlightenment of what to learn of what we say that which is of God. Let us add the letter O and what do we come up with the “Good”.  Many men and women today are teaching more of the way of a godly life, the learning of wisdom and let the within guide our sense of right and wrong. For now will say the two most powerful words are “Love” and “Regret” Which one is the most powerful to us all? Holy and that which is good? Are we not to love one another? Then again seeing the world as it is definitely ask where is the love? Regret on the other hand leaves?

Love is the essence of life and all we see around. For in some way, shape or form every animate and inanimate object have a life of their own. It is ourselves that are the three in one just as the Three in One in the Holy in the spiritual world and what is written here. Knowing God by many of those of faith and study clearly there is the divine in our universe. As it is said God is omnipresent meaning present within the micro and macro universe and all of what we see and know, and who we are.

many-versionsOther beliefs which may be contradictory to christian belief. The whole essence of God is not in one standard model. For other beliefs and religions have their own divine influence. It is only up to the truth with the one person and the one whom may call God, Allah, and those which cognates in other Semitic languages, including Elah in Aramaic, ʾĒl in Canaanite and Elohim in Hebrew. And other guidance seen and felt.

Enlightenment is a key word or positive understanding of what to learn and understand ones personal relationship with the spiritual. The learning of wisdom and let our senses guide of right and wrong. In the end freely admitting when wrong while looking into the mirror of truth. Looking through the windows into the soul and recognize there are more descriptions of what one to believe to be true. To deny this is a sin or holding one to only one perspective that for one person or group there is only their own reality. I know for certain I will face what I write now that as a Child of God growing up with family. Many, many to learn from yet also pass on what understood. And certain understanding is not absolute truth for myself I freely confess. But with the school of life there is no dropping out.

I will not leave out the teachings of many philosophies or eastern origins and other forms of belief. The reason I go into this is simply, as the expression of many no one person can know the mind of God. Which in truth I will go along with the idea with any belief in principle any  individual or groups base their heart and soul on it is not up to me to say who is right or wrong. I have been wrong on many things in the past and will be in the future however willing to reconize my spiritual childlike soul seeks to learn and say I stand corrected or say kindred hearts with same soulful connection. And I say a true connection with anyone from any part of the world. For we are one people wherever one of us live. Each individual has something to teach to another as in doing so we get to know the mind of God better. And even say comprehend that the world/universe is beyond the scope of human understanding, but does not mean stop seeking that which is the universal truth.

spiritualityIn the end each one of us will have our own experience of the truth by whatever higher power there is. Even as I am writing this I am self aware these very thoughts contradict much of what I have written on this blog. In my opinion every person who has ever lived or alive now is not part of one fundamental belief but the merging of many for which the body, mind and soul can feel and understand.

Which reminds me of the story generically speaking a person goes to heaven and given a tour and said person asks who are they over there? Answer given they are just part of the ones who it is their fundamental doctrine dictates it is only they who are in heaven.

To finish there is a lot written here really would need to clarify, and able to some extent. Yet I go back as a child learning the grand stage of what life is and will along the way bow the head and humble myself before the true.


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