In The Key Of “G”


Voices in shadow of nighthomeless
Sharing as one many tears

In the open yet out of sight
Broken hearts, despair quickly appear

Everything gone including the pride
Never thinking would happen with you

Gone feelings no longer can hide
With nothing left what one can do

Living in the streets among despair
People here both young and old

Signs no one who truly cares
Find themselves left in the cold

Those come with help on their mind
Can see the compassion in their heart

Grieve for the suffering they do findcompassion
More than willing to take part

Few know of reward to come
Open our eyes do as we should

Better life of all not only some
A birth by love compassion understood

I am guilty of forgetting of the forgotten. With our lives with our circle of friends and family. Wish to say let our heart sing in the key of “G” for it is of Goodness, Giving, and Godly with each word together is the song for us all. When someone asks why does God allow this to happen and put the blame on the Almighty along with other injustices. Yet it is. “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth God is asking.”

“Why do we allow this happen?”



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