New Year


Here we are seventeen years later.
Back then oh the fear, this year much much greater.
Times have changed now more concern.
I laughed at all the hype but how the tide has turned.
Doesn’t take a computer genius, may want to talk to the Creator.


Just saying no matter what one may compute.
Whatever philosophy, will the world experience a true reboot?
I am no religious freak, with every belief many insights I see.
As everyone else, we live our lives in hopes of eternity.
Yet in one way, shape or form all hell will break loose.


Inspired by election, deportation, hacking situation, rising frustrations, and salvation. Or expressed in another way, the you know what is going to hit the fan. For myself that computes. Even put in a different way, good thing nothing became of Y2K. Follow the news nothing else I can say.


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