In The Name Of

Primary Three


As the number Three is a Prime Number of God. Here is a Trinity Prayer.

“In the Name Of The Father I Ask all who are going through times of tribulation give your Omnipresent Strength and Power to heal the sick in Body, Mind and Soul.

“In The Name of The Son I Demand all that is evil we face in life. That good will overcome that which to bring hardship to any and us all. As we are Brothers and Sisters.

“In The Name Of The Holy Spirit I Command all that is Unholy to depart from our lives. And call upon at any time this Trinity Prayer that God’s Love with the Holy Spirit acts on our behalf.

Also as one of many I hope each of us live together as one family where kindness, compassion and brotherly love be shared with any belief or practice of being one with all we see and feel. As there are different languages and dialects which leave to different understanding. There is the Universal Force that binds us together however expressed.

For God reveals himself in many ways to all people.


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