By Five

We are a diverse people with many faiths, beliefs and doctrines. For this post I am going to sight eight classical world religions. As I believe there are many paths to understanding of the divine. No difference of where we live. Men and women with more in common and we forget because someone looks, acts, and believe different and what seperates us is ourselves.

The more we are in harmony with each other the closer to the truth. Which is within the inner self and how as individuals are just one of many. A people influenced by many factors. In other posts I tried to relate there is not just one way of knowing the whole truth. Differences yes, some which does cause conflict. One of the problems with religion we as man may twist, misrepresent the true message, and/or practice a form of brain washing with the desire not to inspire but to work for personal gain or breed mistrust and even hatred. On this website I have written mainly in a Christian dialect where just to put it in one context.

I chose eight world religions now—those religions most often included in history of world religion surveys and studied in world religions classes: Bahá’í , Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism. Here are some views and thoughts of eight by five of these classical religions.


The Bahá’í Faith is a monotheistic religion that emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind. Three core principles establish a basis for Bahá’í teachings and doctrine: the unity of God, the unity of religion, and the unity of humanity. According to Bahá’í teachings, God is known by spiritual virtues such as truthfulness, kindness, unity, love, and justice, and the purpose of religion is to advance these virtues in humankind.

How universal is the number three
Spiritual virtues merged into unity
With each faith do we not see the common
Every message is to guide the true self on
In any language, enriching the soul seeks harmony


I am using a little information taken from around the Internet. Admittedly not fully focused on details and full study on all this I post. I am using this as a starting point. And forgive not devoting more time expressing more. Buddhism is a religion to about 300 million people around the world. The word comes from ‘budhi’, ‘to awaken’. It has its origins about 2,500 years ago when Siddhartha Gotama, known as the Buddha, was himself awakened (enlightened),

To many, Buddhism goes beyond religion and is more of a philosophy or ‘way of life’. It is a philosophy because philosophy ‘means love of wisdom’ and the Buddhist path can be summed up as:
(1) to lead a moral life,
(2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and
(3) to develop wisdom and understanding.

Comprehension not only comes from learning
Develop insight looking within yearning
For to be aware of what said and done
A life devoted seeking gained wisdom
Wealth much more than material earnings


Near all the posts on this blog is speaking in the Christian teachings of Jesus Christ. We all know in one shape and form. His words and teachings live on in the heart and soul forever with those who believe. And what I have written before some may disagree with stating there is only one way to know the mind of God. More importantly his guidence which chosen to reveal part of the whole of who revered as the Almighty. Or the ultimate truth of what life is and its meaning, and our place in the world. I believe it it not only to one group or doctrine. I will keep it short here for most of my words were and are inspired by his love and sacrifice and my heart forever his. This written before still speaks true. Along with the feeling the better we know each other. The better we know who we are as individuals.

Single message while upon High
Everlasting love never denied
I give my heart, I give my Soul
Holy Spirit lives within for this I know
Within message, within my heart testify


Confucianism, described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life. Confucianism developed from what was later called the Hundred Schools of Thought from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who considered himself a retransmitter of the values of the Zhou dynasty golden age of several centuries before.

Words upon words never able to write
Confess no where near as bright
In truth I face shame for last line
Wisdom have not, far below philosophers mind
Many a quote, many a teachings, such powerful insight


Hinduism is a religion, or a way of life, found most notably in India and Nepal. With approximately one billion followers, Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion by population, and the majority religion in India, Nepal and Bali (Indonesia).

With thoughts of many beliefs within our soul
One is as important as many, enlightenment show
Let us remember long history of reaching to divine
However practiced, love is yours and mine
As one, each are members of the same fold


Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion which professes that there is only one and incomparable God (Allah) and that Muhammad is the last messenger of God. It is the world’s second-largest religion and the fastest-growing major religion in the world, with over 1.7 billion followers or 23% of the global population, known as Muslims. Islam teaches that God is merciful, all-powerful, and unique; and He has guided mankind through revealed scriptures, natural signs, and a line of prophets sealed by Muhammad. The primary scriptures of Islam are the Quran, viewed by Muslims as the verbatim word of God, and the teachings and normative example of Muhammad.

In these days we face now, works that contradict
Today we face many images, a time of conflict
Let us not judge the past, present seen as evil
Actions by others do not represent all the people
Portions of truth, perversion of others, hatred exist


Judaism encompasses the religion, philosophy, culture and way of life of the Jewish people. Judaism is an ancient monotheistic religion, with the Torah as its foundational text, and supplemental oral tradition represented by later texts such as the Midrash and the Talmud. Judaism is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship that God established with the Children of Israel. With between 14.5 and 17.4 million adherents worldwide, Judaism is the tenth-largest religion in the world.

Long held belief as Gods chosen
The ages, ancient text this has spoken
Shall we return to the meaning of it all
We are one people, seperations many, mans pitfall
Reason seen as our humanity truly broken


Taoism (sometimes Daoism) is a philosophical, ethical or religious tradition of Chinese origin, or faith of Chinese exemplification, that emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao (also romanized as Dao). The term Tao means “way”, “path”, “principle”, or “god”, and can also be found in Chinese philosophies and religions other than Taoism.

If looked upon closely, easily can be seen
A fundamental truth living life with meaning
Great minds, wisdom gathered from many
The knowledge we’ve gained has given plenty
Must be realized we are the same in the beginning

There are many other religious beliefs and practices I have not touched on. Not because I consider them unworthy to mention.

I wish to note the descriptions of the religions I have written down is no attempt to plagerize from others. I believe it is just general knowledge which in truth the words are descriptions relating in the simplest form.



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