Discussed Subject Long

That Which Doing Right And Wrong


Nature and nurture such an important factor, true
Pounded by those with stone hearts emptiness grew
In youth, influences right and wrong put into play
Reactions who affect many to this very day
Memories last on the innocent the hurt by who

Some may say Satan or simply human trait
Most aware consider feelings, others given to hate
Reaction on the self living inside, heart so torn
Emotions dragged into a hell by those with scorn
Would serve all well, see anyone as not them yet you and relate

Ask ourselves and why, then  we would see
Just how we would feel if it were me
God gives strength to realize the heart never can break
Give no value to opinions and actions given to hate
Tell oneself let the pure heart overcome any harm to be

Let that inner voice speak many do wrong
For it is God saying, they are weak, you are strong
Tears given by one, passes on to the loving many
May not  be seen yet believe there are plenty
Remember not the evil, It is with God you belong

Shout out Satan do what you will, I belong to the King
Let all that which is Holy enter, to others judgement will bring
Faces of scorn and words of harm can do no more
Believe it will be you who will walk through Golden Doors
Any who fail to realize their is no higher power will be those suffering

Put secularly can be said this way
Love and regret, powerful words everyday
What we choose makes us who we are
Consideration of emotions will take us far
Example yourself doing good, for goodness sake

Also put culturally many beliefs speak of a higher power
Those wicked will be the ones will come to cower
As many teachings put forth one as equal to another
It is righteous in any words to describe we as sister and brother
Karma given to the goodness from others that will empower



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