Let us do a little spiritual math.

We take the Holy words Praise God

Now to a little addition and subtraction
Let us release the “P” and that leaves the word “Raise

Going to be adding the letter “O” to God and we see “Good
Add another syllable with  “Ness

Equaling Raise Goodness in what? Ourselves of course.

Shall we go further, from “Good” subtract the “O” again and add “Li” and again with “Ness“.
Equals “Raise Godliness” again in ourselves.

With being Children Of God one form of praising him we are Raising Godliness within us. Being “Born Again” accepting Jesus. We are young and growing older with every spiritual teaching.

How so? Satan wants to attack us in this world and in every way possible.  So what we take in as good enters the body and nature calling to release the bad. That which is not good. Remember the phrase “Cleanliness is next to Godliness? ” So the sum of it all is we are taking a “P

And Satan is entering into the pit, err excuse me pot. Which is good, for God to grow closer and be as one with him, Holy in Body, Mind and Soul” We have to show who is in control as his children being like good old dad.

This came to me raising my hand and asking God a question.


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