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Is Dedicated

To one of my favorite musicians. As mentioned before in another post as God speaks to us in many ways. Steve Vai is an awesome performer and one of the best. When I listen and have said before. With all the performers with Steve leading the way again another form or ministry. Whether by any expression through music can touch the soul.

In my opinion as one of the best, there are five songs in a way a sermon on such another level. For myself I can say he is not playing the guitar, and more like he is the guitar and is playing hymn. Or more like he is the instrument and together in Body, Mind and Soul.

Some may or may not like his style or any other emotions may give. These five songs in this order can touch soul within. If one feels able to relate or pick up the message. Try to listen to these five songs in order if one wishes to relax and let the heart explore. Although many may not like this type of music. I myself like all styles but these five strikes a chord with me. Also in a manner or paying attention to key parts or key phrases may enlighten.

Whispering A Prayer



Windows To The Soul

The Silent Within

I’ll Be Around

For The Love Of God

I give this as a shout out to you Steve, Love ya man.  To others well worth seeing the evolution of his style. To be honest and looking at things in other perspectives. Must say sort of ironic or some truth as portrayed in the movie “Crossroads”.  The movie does leave one to ponder. Personally do not think as much, But as a truely true gifted musician. Let the music talk to you. Expressing the talent in many ways, shape and forms. I will leave to others to decide on what and how taken.


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