Kind Hearts

Take Action

Another example showing a big heart comes in many sizes. Whether young or old many good people sees a need and makes an effort to do something about it. For this day let us call it “Pay It Forward” and see a need do it as an random act of kindness. We can start with one or more good things, off the top of my head find someplace say a park, and other instances where make the the community look pleasant for all. Whether big or small if something comes along act on it paying it forward asking for nothing for return. Every day becomes an or opportunity perhaps not. Here is a heart warming story,

While some kids may be spending their spring break partying on the beach or enjoying the warm weather, this eighth-grader is hard at work making sure that everyone in her community has clean laundry.

Jayera Griffin – who is an honor roll student at Washington Junior High School in Riverdale, Illinois – first became inspired to give back when she noticed that some of the children she tutored did not always have clean clothes to wear. Read On




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