In The Key Of “G”

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In God’s Eyes We’re All The Same

As I’ve said this before in the way we are to care with one another, share with one another, learn from one another and grow together.

Pretty, Plus and Proud

Being a woman of faith I truly believe God does not make mistakes. We may not understand everything that happens in the world but I know there are reasons not revealed to us but they are there none the less. I also believe that God made each of us different and uniquely beautiful so we would each stand out in the world rather than all blend together. Having said that, I also feel that while we may all look different, we still are all the same in His eyes. He sees us all as worthy of love and great things. He sees all of us as talented, creative, intelligent and loving human beings with so much potential to impact His world in a positive way.

God does not see our size or how we look as a deterrent to greatness. Our weight, colour, race, abilities/disabilities, where we live or where…

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“What Can’t Be Unseen”


Along with beauty can be seen with the unpleasant. Such as it is. For what we see with the Minds Eye always of our own. And forever with us. So true, what has been seen can not be unseen. I write this to release inner feelings,

The good, and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The harmony and the turmoil. The love, and the hate. The joy and the tears. The sirens, people coming to aid. The sirens, another senseless event. The singing of hymns, the howls of pain. We will forever see contradiction. In my opinion, us versus them. Believe in the word “Us” is for the Good. With the word “Them” just means the contradiction of what life and how opposite is takes away from all of us.


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