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“What Can’t Be Unseen”


Along with beauty can be seen with the unpleasant. Such as it is. For what we see with the Minds Eye always of our own. And forever with us. So true, what has been seen can not be unseen. I write this to release inner feelings,

The good, and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The harmony and the turmoil. The love, and the hate. The joy and the tears. The sirens, people coming to aid. The sirens, another senseless event. The singing of hymns, the howls of pain. We will forever see contradiction. In my opinion, us versus them. Believe in the word “Us” is for the Good. With the word “Them” just means the contradiction of what life and how opposite is takes away from all of us.


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A Curse, A Blessing Disguised

Once was a crooked man
Were not bad nor a thief
Body deformed, still he could stand
Looks from others brought him grief

There was a woman stricken same curse
So many tears she would cry
Inconsiderate remarks strengthened the hurt
Jesus wiped the tears from her eyes

Said, the hurt that brought upon you
I will turn a curse into a blessing
Ones with no compassion his tears too
For eternity they will be confessing

With the people having heart of stone
Forgetting the deeds can bring about pain
Everlasting regret forever known
Ask forgiveness, wipe away that stain

By the grace of Christ this can come about
By his love for us died on the cross
With holiness, his spirit an everlasting shout
Tell the family of man of the loss

A hardened heart, Satan takes control
Jesus with love for all by his sacrifice
By caring and with salvation to show
Never cursed, blessing in disguise

More can be told of what blessing bestowed
The crooked man, crooked woman handicap endured
Now sit upon high, glorified bodies forgotten episode
Pray for us all the message is to be heard


Easy for us to think even if not fully aware when stricken with disease or handicap curse is thought. Not all people but a moment may come when the word will come to mind. By using the word cursed what I mean that with it happening why to the innocent. We associate when it happens to a child knowing the life he or she will have.

We know the human body and what we know it is nature gone awry. We are touched as I have family members dealing with issues at times I have to hold back the tears. And amazes us when a child with an amazing spirit and outlook to be more uplifting to us than anything we can do for the child.

While for the innocent may suffer in any way or form. Gods most cherished is his children in a broken body. For the ways of the world is not the way in Heaven. Soon the time of earthly body, frail or any condition forgotten.