Speaking In Tongues


Speaking In Tongues

It is not difficult to know beforehand what many may think of this post. Or get many Christians going on not according to interpretations as seen fit. Yet going to because I am as so led to do so.

Firstly will give definition by way of Google, and let those who interpret the Bible as so written and understand. And however followed. Many may surely disagree with what I am about to say. However as I said writing this as so led.

“Glossolalia or speaking in tongues, according to linguists, is the fluid vocalizing of speech-like syllables that lack any readily comprehended meaning, in some cases as part of religious practice in which it is believed to be a divine language unknown to the speaker.”

What I am relating here a totally different theme. There has been many arguments and even conflicts because one group or another think for God has given wisdom of himself and any belief, with only one let us say group of believers. All else who believe differently are not seen in the same light and condemned.

Speaking with brotherly love. With no judgements of any kind. After all we are kindred spirits or kin no matter what denomination one may belong to, or following own belief however they choose. Every post up to now has been strictly written as taught there is only the one way. Yet for a long time now meaning to write this.

Kindred spirits or to better describe, relatives. We can say as Jesus spoke “Family of Man”. I am only going to stick to these three words. As how can it not be understood? I believe God in a different spiritual tongue for others he wishes speaks to with the same love and teachings, given to same understanding. And or comprehend in another way. For even language with all its dialects is something to compare to.

As God created us in his/her image and in his and her likeness, being omnipresent in everything in this universe. With every cell in our body, an on. As said present in all things. Again kindred in our ongoing Creation of this universe. Also with many a philosophy and knowing of the inner self along with all manner of who we are and as so led with our awareness. “Speaking In Tongues”


Without going into a long explanation on point I want to get across is to say this. At this time that is. There are many who say God impressed on their heart a message or understanding and others swear they only know what God truly is saying. Others will talk as they are an authority of how God the Father through him or her here to guide us. That is not to say anyone is speaking in deceit, and many called. Yet I will hold back on that thought. God speaks in many ways, dialects even to those of us in the western world. No matter what differences, He has the whole world in his hands.


I am not going ahead and fully draw linear train of thought. Wish to give this collective concept, anyone can take it from there. Many, many musical compositions along with other works someone saying inspired by God. Ok, go ahead and say it, God is talking to us or sending a message. Many who may not even be aware as messengers, or ministers of how he wants to touch us all. There are always a word or phrase to add a more meaning. With music is also dialects of different manners.

I am truly giving a shout out to musicians and to all who perform their talent. Touching the self within. Which naturally according to ones taste. Can be expressed many ways to many kindred spirits. That is the whole message here.

I propose this, think of a song that really touches you and contemplate on another level. For instance one of my favorites is “Call of the Wild” ministered to us by Alan Parsons Project. When I first heard it one deep understanding came into my mind. Not only a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song. I can only express it as it was Mother Earth or Nature is singing to us by the gift of Gods Artisans the gift and talent. The words mean so very much.

Listen to the presentation of Gods words to us as being all things and using the song as Mother Nature singing to us. Every image in this video is a snapshot of the glory of Creation given to us.

Call of the Wild
By Alan Parsons Project
Can you hear Mother Nature singing?HEARTS

Of Mother Earth, given such beauty.

For what is given by work for love and talent. Purchase and give appreciation for the music. As mentioned before this post of in my words is shared with brotherly love.

Not profit for myself. A vow made a vow kept.

As a true fan, and wish not to give any wrong impression with any video I post to change one way or another. Just so inspired to write and post how each one means to me.

For myself a new meaning to what the performers give of themselves with any frame of mind or inspiration. I can list many in a manner may be hard to understand.

I wish only to pay tribute for my love of the song and the several ways I enjoy a song or songs. With common tastes we should compensate talent whether felt inspired by God or not.

And beautifully arranged here on Tere del Castillo Youtube Channel.

Everything Is Beautiful

“Everything Is Beautiful” is a song written, composed, and performed by Ray Stevens. It has appeared on many of Stevens’ albums, including one named after the song, and has become a pop standard and common in religious performances. The children heard singing the chorus of the song, using the hymn, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, are from the Oak Hill Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee. This group includes Stevens’ two daughters.

The song was responsible for two wins at the Grammy Awards of 1971: Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for Ray Stevens and Grammy Award for Best Inspirational Performance for Jake Hess. Stevens’ recording was the Number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in the summer of 1970.

I use the videos in hopes does not violate any laws, or have gone about it wrong. I posts these for several reasons. It is to try to illustrate that the inspired is God sending us messages, in one sense and can be put in many other ways. The point is by the talent of many involved is a gift and God speaking to all of us. Through may be called Ministry Direct or Dialect Ministry.

This is one of the examples of speaking in tongues. As with the dialects of all involved. So very many examples. A huge fan and with great admiration I love this song. How can it not touch your very soul within.

And yes, a great comedic man, so in my book he Da Man in many ways. Love you Mr. Stevens.


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