I Ask Myself

I Will See


Unemployed and the troubles I face
Then, again I think of so many places
Matters not if religious or whatever belief
Ask and do more for those in grief
We all are one people, to allow this a disgrace

These times we live under the weather
Turns quite wild, we face together
The cause, the effect we now face
Hardship unfolds, anytime, anyplace
I ask myself and do see, we are in this altogether

With multicultural beliefs ask and pray
Just what we can do today
Give to those who are in need
I ask myself and do feel, this is we
Actions more than words we must display

As a people, current events inspires this post. As one among many. Give our time and effort to help those in need. The heart write these words, as it is most I can do at this time. Let us give thanks to the many helping in difficult times we live. Cannot forget those who suffer from hunger, also the disasters of recent days. My hopes and prayers, let us be as one. And be part of is the answer. Be it asking for help, by donations. For so many are in need. All over the world, let us not forget. The young and old, anyplace.


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