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No matter of beliefs. This speech is universal in its message.


crying soldierMy heart goes out to all of you who cry alone. I have been fearful too in this last year. But I have faith that great things will occur in this New Year because God knows what is happening to us…to you, to our world. So I say let’s get ready for CHANGE in 2018 because God’s laws are being written in our hearts! Every time I watch this old Youtube clip (viewed by 16.5 million people) I get misty eyed…with hope for humanity. 

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It’s Okay to Call Christianity a Religion

Food for thought, digest it
Bitter or sweet, sample and decide
We are not all the same, we so admit
Follow your instincts from what lives insde

Fact Based Truth


Random believer: Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship. I’m not religious.

Random atheist: Really? So you don’t believe in worshiping God?

Random believer: Wait, no, that’s not what I meant. I do worship God.

Random atheist: So you are religious, and Christianity is a religion?

Random believer: Well yes, wait, no. You’re twisting my words.

Random atheist: You seem confused. You can keep your religion and whatever relationship you’re in to yourself.

End scene. Moral of the story, changing a word doesn’t fool anybody. It’s okay to call Christianity a religion. Let’s dig deeper.

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